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In Our Masterclass Video, You Learned...
  • Life "GAPS" are normal and the gap stares back at you with any number of emotions—anxiousness, worry, confusion, frustration, dissatisfaction, doubt or anger.
  •  The "CLICK" principle is the first key to closing your gap.
  •  How to raise your thinking which is essential to bridging your gap.
  •  "The Formula"—the path to turning talent into achievement. 
  •  You'll go faster and further by employing a coach who will help you go places you can't go on your own.
Given you are here, I'm confident that one of the following statements describes you...
  • I want more and know I can do more, but I'm stuck!
  • I don't lack motivation or ambition, but I'm frustrated with where I find myself today and don't know how to move forward.
  •  I've enjoyed some great success. But it is clear that what got me where I am today is not going to help me get where I most want to go.
  •  I've done so much in my career and have a lot to show for it but no one to share it with.
  •  I'm winning in my career but failing in the relationships that matter most to me.
  •  I see regrets piling up and still have time to make changes and create a meaningful legacy.
  •  You feel like you are trading time for money and your dreams and aspirations are fading.
  •  I am working so hard but the only thing I see in front of me are obstacles and challenges.
I Understand How You Feel!
  • I have felt the same way.
  •  I've been wrestling with understanding how to bridge the "GAP" since I was in high school.
The Clarity to Win Program Can Help You Close Your Gap!
  • What I’m going to teach you are the same principles I’ve learned from studying top-performers and used to reach goals and dreams that were well beyond my reach when I got started.
  •  I've helped people just like you accomplish more, celebrate more and contribute more than they ever imagined using the same tools and resources you'll get in this program. 
Close your GAP now...
Clarify what is important to you and start winning today.
Here Are Six High ROI Nuggets You'll Uncover When You Sign Up!
Discover the Key to Unlocking Your Success. 
One thing holds the key to tapping your motivation, inspiring you to achieve more, and connecting you to an infinite source of strength.
Learn the Secret of the Highest Achievers!
The highest achievers know something you don't. Only 33% of people tap into this critical success factor. A secret that has been proven to  improve performance, raise personal satisfaction and increase happiness.
Life is Not One Long Race.
The best way to run a long race is to break it down into small races. Once you understand the "Life Cycle of a Race" you'll be able to forge new beginnings, accelerate growth and avoid crashes.
You'll Never Be Stuck Again!
The reason most people never finish is they don't know how to overcome resistance and breakthrough obstacles. You'll never get stuck on your way to the finish line again when you know and use this fail-proof strategy.
8 Proven Steps to Goal Achievement
Simple, effective and powerful! Conquer the most difficult and complex goals and understand how to think in ways that speed execution and accomplishment.
Be a Super Hero
Super Hero's possess super human powers. There is one skill that will define the "Super Hero's" of the future. Understand and apply this skill and you will have the tool necessary to improve your performance in every single area of your life. 
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What do they have to say about Jim Akers and "Clarity to Win"?
“Jim will help you live out the most important roles in your life with courage, conviction and commitment.”
Akbar Abaja-Biamila
Former NFL Player and the current co-host of the hit show American Ninja Warrior
“Jim is inspiring and motivating. Work with Jim if you want to succeed.”
Temuu Selanne
NHL Hall-of-Famer, Stanley Cup Champion and four-time Olympic medalist
““Clear, practical, and powerful—Jim goes beyond motivation. He’ll help anyone raise their game and positively expand their influence.”
Robb Nen
World Series Champion, three-time National League All-Star
“Have you ever thought about what race your in and want to finish strong...sign up for Jim to be your coach.”
W Mitchell
Hall-of-Fame speaker and best selling author 
Clarity to Win is Your Bridge to a Great Future!
Isn't it time to start winning?
What You'll Get for only $99.99...
  • ​"Clarity to Win" Video Learning Program—Seven week transformational learning program laid out in "bite-sized" video modules—$1,299.00
  • Workbooks to support your progress and development—Each workbook is subject/topic specific and is designed and presented to aid learning, retention and guide you through the exercises and assignments in each module. — $499.00
  • Bonus—"Quick Start" Module: learn the secret the highest achievers use that has been proven to improve performance, raise personal satisfaction and increase happiness — $99.00
  • Access to "Clarity to Win" Membership Area—Access to all the video library, workbooks and support material in one convenient location—$299.00
  • Coaching—An invitation to a private members only Facebook group where you can ask questions, get additional support, and get access to additional learning and support material—$499.00
  • Lifetime Access—All "Clarity to Win" clients will have access to all of the learning material in the membership area for the lifetime of the program.
  • Special Offers—You'll receive special invitations to programs designed specifically to meet the needs and answer the questions of the "Clarity to Win" community. 
$2,695.00 Value 
Unlock the Power of Clarity to Win Now for $99.99
Special Introductory Offer!
The Path to Clarity and Winning at What Matters...
Introduction: Getting the Most Out of Clarity to Win
  • Objective: Maximize your ROI in the program
  • Why It's Important: To enhance your learning experience, improve retention and support your execution.
  • What You'll Learn: Two secrets to getting the most out of the program.
Bonus: Quick Start Module
  • Objective: Learn the secret the highest-achievers rely on to elevate their performance that results in higher levels of personal satisfaction and happiness.
  • Why It's Important: This has the potential to produce immediate and lasting results.
  • What You'll Learn: Understanding, identifying and using your "Signature Strengths." 
Week #1: Getting to Your Clarity—Identifying Your High-Impact Races
  • Objective: Gain personal clarity! Make no mistake the lack of clarity is the villain that will hijack your life and assure you remain stuck, frustrated and confused. 
  • Why It's Important: It’ simple—there are few things more powerful than living with passionate clarity. Clarity is the "it" factor the catalyst for winning at what matters most to you. The icon represents a map and your starting position. 
  • What You'll Learn: There are eight modules in this week's lesson. Through these eight modules you will learn about "The Click" which is the key to unlocking your potential. By the end of this module you will frame out "Your Click" and answering two questions that will bring everything that is important to you into focus.
Week #2: Getting to Your Clarity—Fueling Your High Impact Races
  • Objective: Refine "Your Click" to assure clarity. . 
  • Why It's Important: Clarity is life-giving, motivating and inspiring. It is vital to your personal and professional success. Research consistently reveals that the highest achievers are driven by a mission and purpose larger then themselves. Unfortunately, research also shows that most people remain stuck and drift because they can't figure it out.
  • What You'll Learn: There are nine modules in this week's lesson beginning with an explanation of why turning on "Your Click" is so important. You'll also learn something why it is so easy to sabotage progress and what you need to know to keep "Your Click" turned on.
Week #3: Envisioning Your Finish Line
  • Objective: Set the stage for building a powerful and effective personal and professional race plan for your life.
  • Why It's Important: Clarity attracts! When you are clear about who and what is important to you—you begin to attract what is necessary to fulfill your vision for the future. You'll begin thinking about success and reimagining your best future.
  • What You'll Learn: There are 21 modules in this week's lesson. You'll learn how to define success so that it empowers you versus frustrate and disappoint you. You'll learn about how every race in life takes on a pattern that when you understand it will allow you to forge new beginnings, accelerate growth and avoid crashes. We'll explore how to think bigger, bolder and beyond your current situation and provide a framework to help you create your best future.
Week #4: Great Finishes Require Great Thinking
  • Objective: Equip you to deal with the inevitable adversity that will confront you and expand your thinking to fit the future you most desire.
  • Why It's Important: Great thinking is critical to your success—critical! Great thinking is essential to pushing through the inevitable resistance you will face on your way to your finish line and help you maintain clarity.
  • What You'll Learn: There are 4 modules in this week's lesson. You'll learn how to leave the past behind. You'll learn the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset and why and how to embrace the mindset necessary to breakthrough and discover your greater potential. You'll also learn a powerful strategy to get unstuck and the one skill that will be the super hero power of this generation.
Week #5: Getting to Your Finish Line
  • Objective: Give you a proven and research validated process for achieving your goals.
  • Why It's Important: If you want to be successful, identify proven strategies and process of people who have done what you are trying to do, mimic them and improve on the nuances and details.
  • What You'll Learn: There are 13 modules in this week's lesson. You'll learn a secret way to write your goals that will keep you aligned and focus on your goal. You'll learn the eight steps proven steps for achieving your goals and how some people get defeated because they never learned that not all goals are created equal.
Week #6: Executing Your Winning Race Plan
  • Objective: Build performance mastery by expanding the tools necessary to stay focused and overcome resistance and set backs..
  • Why It's Important: No one has your unique place in the world to positively impact the people you love and lead. The path to your best future requires massive action and the path will become difficult and you'll need to know how to respond effectively.
  • What You'll Learn: There are five modules in this week's lesson. You'll learn "How to Win Every Day," "How to Build the Super-Skill of the Future," "Racing Elixir—A strategy for managing your success," and "Don't Leave Home Without It—The one thing you control every day that you must employ to be at and achieve your best."
Week #7: Finishing Your Race Strong
  • Objective: Identify, outline and define the most essential element necessary to running well and finishing strong. 
  • Why It's Important: Simple—without it history has shown people fail miserably. It's easy to envision a great future but impossible to deliver in the absence of accountability.
  • What You'll Learn: There are five modules in this week's lesson. You'll learn "What Accountability is and Why It Is Important," "Why Accountability is the Full-Meal Deal," "Benefits of Accountability," "Qualities of Accountability," and "How Accountability Is Proven to Help You Achieve More of Your Goals."
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Unlock all the benefits of the Clarity to Win Coaching Program
Why the Program Works!
Clarity to Win is Structured To Help You Learn Fast and Execute Effectively. 
We’ve broken the program down into “bite-sized” learning experiences. Each video is topic specific and can be viewed in less than a few minutes.


Because it works! Our format is built around what researchers have found to be “best practice” teaching and learning processes.
You’ll quickly discover that few if any module is longer than five minutes. So, you can easily fit it into even the busiest schedule.

Each module is an individualized learning experience that is broken down in a six building block template that will speed your learning and your familiarity as you go through the program.
The Objective
  •  Set the learning objective so you know what the target is and what to expect.
Building Block #1: Why This is Important
  • ​You learn faster and focus is enhanced when understand why and how you are going to benefit.
  • ​Our explanation of why something is important throughout the program is based on research, practice and experience.
Building Block #2: What Am I Going to Teach You?
  • ​The purpose here is to set the stage.
  • ​By providing a brief description of the principle learning objective or objectives for the module you’ll know what we are trying to achieve. 
Building Block #3: Why People Struggle?
  • ​Based on our research, learnings and observations, we are going tell you where people can or have struggled with applying the learning or principle.
  • ​Knowing where someone else has struggled serves as an alert that can help you from getting stuck and avoid the same pitfalls.
  • ​We know from research and personal experience that learning from the mistakes and struggles of others is a powerful change accelerator.
Building Block #4: The Secret
  • ​This is where we will share the secrets to mastering the lesson. 
  • ​Call them tips, hacks or insights.
  • ​The secrets will enhance your ability to digest and apply the teaching.

Building Block #5: Time for Action
  • ​Learning and retention is maximized through testing and application.
  • ​We outline a call to action and support the learning and application in the workbook for the module. 
Get started today...
I'm ready to get on the path to clarity and start winning!
Take a sneak peak at a bonus module.
Encouragement is critical to fueling success, mastery and high achievement. Yet research shows only 1 in 5 people receive enough encouragement on a daily basis. The right word, at the right time can be the difference between breaking through and staying stuck.
You're at the point of decision...
You can either continue down the path of least resistance, the path you've already been traveling, or you can choose the path that leads to creating and living out your best future.
Path of Least Resistance
Clarify and Win at What Matters Most to You!
  • Get the same outcomes you've always received.
  • Accept a future that is less than you than you want.
  • Keep trading time for money.
  • Stay stuck, frustrated and confused.
  • Wish for a life change knowing it will never happen.
  • ​Ignore the reality of knowing you need to pursue change.
  • ​Close the gap between where you are today and the future you desire most.
  • ​Get unstuck and gain positive traction.
  • ​Breathe life into your dreams.
  • ​Improve your relationships.
  • ​Raise your thinking and improve your outcomes. 
Choose Your Best Future—Get started today...
Yes, I'm ready to stop doing what I am doing and hoping it will get better.
What do they say about Jim Akers?
Thanks Jim , I long for the days when I worked for management that cared about the people that worked under them. I remember every talk we had and the interest you showed in people and I loved that about you and your management style. I hope you had a great day and many more ahead.Thank you for all you have done to help me to be more successful.
Mike Simich
Your sincerity and care for the development of people is genuine and heartfelt.
Tom Berens
Sales Manager
You have been a SIGNIFICANT influence on my career. You challenge people to be more than they are today.
Greg Sanguinetti
General Manager
Ernest Packaging Solutions
Jim has had a tremendous impact on my life and career. Jim is a powerful speaker. His speeches motivated me to be a better seller, husband, father and person. I am thankful for the impact he has had on strengthening my faith and confidence.
Bob Campos
Account Manager
You have taught me to strive to do better, learn more and always find ways to improve, simplify and grow. I appreciate all of the advice you have given me and all of the learning opportunities that you have sent my way. You engage and challenge all of us to look towards solutions and not just focus on the problem. It has been a privilege to learn from your coaching...you are a true leader.
Chenelle Thomas
Administrative Assistant
"Powerful message delivered over the last two days by Jim Akers at the "Man up Experience”. This is exactly what I feel like I have been saying for many years now and to close friends over the last month. It's time Gentleman for you to Man Up and be a leader. Don't let things that you can't control, control you.”
Ray Driskill
Jim, I want you to know how much I think of you. I am so glad I have had the opportunity to work with you and learn from you.
Danielle Yarber
CEO, DHY Results
Jim, I always appreciate your saged advice and words of wisdom. I've come to realize in these last several years that things, situations and people’s lives change quickly. I want you to know that I appreciate your leadership, thoughtfulness, spirit and determination to make a difference in the lives of others.
Scott Brown
Account Executive
Jim is one of the best speakers I have ever heard. He is a great motivator and everyone gets excited when they know he is going to address our team. I always learn new and important things when I listen to Jim. 
Mark Bennett
Account Executive
I admire Jim’s leadership. He is a gifted leader and possesses great vision and compassion. His willingness to share his strategic knowledge has been invaluable and I have benefited immensely from his coaching.
Marsha Herzog
Director of Client Services at Advanous
Jim motivates me to be a better person…when I have struggled he has given me tools and thoughts to improve not only as a sales manager, but also to be a better father and husband.
Mike Serra
Sales Manager
West Coast Paper
Jim has the gift of inspiration. Getting the attention of a group of sellers is tough enough. Inspiring and motivating them is an art he has mastered.
Pete Brinck
Sales Manager, Veritiv
Your message of impact, accountability and hope, presented this past weekend has greatly inspired me to "finish the race". The workshop you led was full of great life changing tools that I can apply immediately, and for that I am forever thankful to you. God Bless!
David Knecht
When I started with xpedx, you were one of the first people that I met. You really believed in me and always had words of encouragement.
You pushed us and challenged us to be better employees and better people.
Karen Patterson-Knartzer
Group Finance Manager
Thanks for the impact you’ve had upon me personally and in my business. From the first time I heard you speak 8 years ago to the present, your leadership has both inspired me and challenged me. Your leadership has made many of us better, in who we are and what we do.
Dave Tweet
Sales Manager, Veritiv
“Thank you for your eye opening and soul awakening presentation…after listening to you, I called my dad from the car and told him just how much I love him, so thank you!
Peter Hoag
Jim has greatly enriched my professional life. His words of inspiration and wisdom have motivated me and helped me achieve beyond my expectations.
Kathleen Demaret
Enterprise Account Executive
I wanted to let you know how grateful I am that our paths crossed during my time at xpedx. I started…this weekend and throughout all of my classes, there definitely was a common theme, “getting comfortable with being uncomfortable”. This made me think of you and I wanted to take the time to thank you for really speaking to this years ago…I think about that phrase everyday …I want to also thank you for believing in me all those years ago. I do believe that you giving me the opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone led me to taking another big step in my life…I don’t think that anything happens by coincidence and no one is here by accident. Everyone who crosses our path has a message for us, thank you for your message.
Shannon Callagy-Eslick
National Executive Recruiter
Summit Consulting, LLC
Jim, you are the reason for my success professionally and personally—You’re the man!
David Herrera
Early retirement!
I have learned more from Jim than anyone I have worked with. His coaching, encouragement, guidance and reinforcement have been invaluable.
Todd Thompson
Regional Sales Manager
I always look forward to hearing Jim speak…Jim is a tremendous speaker. Jim is always motivating. I have learned so much about how to be a better seller, how to grow my business, and be a better person.
Julie Tompkins
Account Executive
Jim continues to positively impact lives with his leadership, guidance, motivation and innovation…what I’ve learned from Jim is permanently ingrained in my DNA
Darryl Hunt
Account Executive
Listening to Jim is always a treat. He is such a great communicator. Hearing his passion is so encouraging.
Carolyn Brewer
Customer Service Leader
Get started today...
We'll help you clarify what is important to you and start winning.
Meet Jim Akers
Jim Akers is the Founder and President of J.D. Akers & Associates.
Jim is a graduate of Washington State University, earned his M.B.A. from Pepperdine University in Organizational Behavior, and a Certificate in Advanced Management from Stanford University.

 Today Jim is a leader, achievement coach, author and speaker focused on helping people clarify and win at what matters most.

 Early in his career, Jim wrote “How to Win the Achievement Game” a self-published guide to building a successful life plan. While in the midst being newly married, completing an M.B.A., and pursuing a career he sold nearly 3,000 copies.
 By way of “How to Win the Achievement Game,” Jim was invited to speak to the senior leadership of Rockwell International’s Space Shuttle team on performance and achievement when he was 25 years old.

 After four award winning years in commission sales, Jim was named Vice President of Sales at the age of 29. Jim lead sales growth from $350MM a $500MM resulting in this privately held company to be acquired by International Paper. At International Paper, Jim quickly rose through a number of leadership roles. But when cancer prematurely took the life of a family member he set significant career advancement on the sidelines, and moved back to Southern California to support his family.

Jim became one of the youngest Group Vice President’s in International Paper history leading a $1BB business with 21 locations and 1,200 employees serving customers around the globe with packaging, custom packaging design, facility supplies, and printing papers. If you have touched an iPad or iPhone you touched Jim’s team’s work.

 In 2013, after 25 years as a senior corporate leader Jim achieved his dream to retire by the age of 55.

 Jim didn’t retire but redeployed. His love for coaching, mentoring, and leadership lead him to turn his full attention to helping people clarity and win at what matters most to them.

 People’s thirst for encouragement led Jim to launch Impactful Notes—a free service that delivers a powerful note of inspiration and encouragement on a daily basis.

 Jim’s newest book, “Tape Breakers, How to Positively Impact the People You Love, The People You Lead, and the Causes that Stir Your Heart,” was released in 2016 and was a “Top New Release” on Amazon.

 Jim and his wife Kristi have been married for 36 years and live in Southern California

Jim has a proven track record of helping people discover the fuller potential!
Will you be excited about your future one year from now?
Do you have a plan to create your best future?
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